July 19, 2024

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Best Hair Serums to pamper your hair during travel| Ft it’s a 10

Best Hair Serums to pamper your hair during travel| Ft it’s a 10

Up coming week, we are going for a short trip (far more will come on Instagram!) and the worst factor I constantly face for the duration of my visits is frizzy, dry and uninteresting hair. As you all know, I have slim hair that if not taken right care turn out to be frizzy and flat. For the previous few months, I have been making use of a Usa brand- it is really a 10 hair sprays that are entirely a match changer! Now I do not fret about my hair on my up coming journey as i would be carrying these light-weight bottles with me. Currently i am likely to review it is a 10 Miracle Leave in solution* and it’s a 10 Wonder Go away in in addition Keratin* that have significantly enhanced the texture of my hair!


it is really a 10 Miracle Go away-in merchandise- Rs 1530 for 120ml Acquire On the net

it is really a 10 Miracle Leave-in Furthermore Keratin- Rs 1620 for 120ml Purchase On line


The packaging of equally the hair sprays are similar besides for the shade of the spray dispensers and lids. it is really a 10 Miracle Depart-in products is eye-catching blue in coloration with magenta spray dispenser and lid although it truly is a 10 Wonder Leave-in In addition Keratin is blue in colour with metallic bronze spray and orange lid. The bottle has smooth end and provides a experience of lavish solution. It can be quickly carried all over in a bag with no any panic of leakage!

Texture/ Formulation

The leave in goods spray like a good mist and evenly distribute the go away in on the hair. I tried out spraying on palms and then on hair but I truly feel it operates superior when sprayed instantly on hair without having generating them oily or greasy! The fragrance is really excellent and goes absent immediately after number of hours. 


it can be a 10 Miracle Depart-in product or service tends to make my hair soft, frizz cost-free and untangled. I use it on my dry hair immediately after shampooing and it would make combing so uncomplicated with pretty much less hair tumble. It has produced my hair glimpse balanced and silky. It also safeguards your hair from blow dry and styling equipment. My hair remains tangle absolutely free and frizz for a superior 2-3 times! I unquestionably adore it on my slim hair and it does not make my hair search limp or flat! It just dispenses the ideal volume <3

it’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin is almost same as above but gives more shine and smoothness to the hair! It also seals cutivles for extra silky hair and restores hydration balance. If you have done any treatment to your hair then this is perfect for you. It suits all hair types. it protects the natural keratin in hair and protects against heat!


  • Must have if you have frizzy hair!
  • Adds shine to the hair.
  • Easily available!
  • Works as both leave in and heat protector!
  • Beautiful packaging.
  • Though they are pricey but they are worth every penny! 


Overall Thoughts:

I am absolutely loving my hair after trying it’s a 10 leave in. They are a total game changer for my hair and I highly recommend everyone to try it out! You will definitely love how frizz free and healthy your looks! Perfect thing to carry with you whilst traveling to tame your hair!

What is your favorite hair serum or leave in? Share in the comments section below!

Stay Pretty & Loads of 💓!