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how to clean luxury designer leather bags

Cleaning Leather Bags: How I clean & care for my bags & preloved bags

I earlier shared with you some primary recommendations on what to search out for when getting preloved luxury designer bags, and I also advised you that when I obtain them, I don’t send out my bags to a bag spa for cleansing. Nope, I do it myself! 🙂

I really don’t invest in terribly broken preloved bags, nor do I use my luggage in a tough manner. I really don’t newborn them, but I don’t abuse them either. For the most section, my baggage are stored clear, and with a small extra treatment, you can choose them a lengthy way and they’ll previous you several years and years!

I have also restored some preloved bags that arrived in a instead very poor affliction – dry leather, soiled and with marks on them, and with storage odours. I deal with them all the same way, and I have found that it tends to make them as very good as new or if not, considerably far better than when they arrived! 🙂

In this article are some of the products and solutions you want, and how I use them. I’ll consider to display how it appears to be like as I clear, with before-right after photographs with a new preloved acquisition 🙂

Moist Wipes – non liquor newborn wipes

Non-alcoholic beverages, non-fragranced baby wet wipes are excellent for place and normal cleansing. If you discover a mark on your bag, rubbing carefully with wet wipes can normally get it out. If you happen to get a fresh new filth mark on it, or a stain, a moist wipe will get it out pretty swiftly too.

Or you can wipe it all over your bag as a general clean. It performs on leather, pvc, canvas and coated canvas. In simple fact, it is effective on something, and is effortless to locate and manage.

After you have specified it a wipe, enable your bag air dry before storing.

Leather-based Cleaner – Turtle Wax Luxe Leather cleaner

The Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Cleaner is a the latest discovery for me. You can locate it on the internet (check out Shopee) but I bought it at Ace Hardware and it cost RM39.90 which is fine for me. You can glance in key hardware shops for it.

When it arrives to leather-based cleaner, I really don’t thoughts employing a leather-based cleaner for sofas or car or truck upholstery. They often occur in bigger bottles, and cleanse perfectly, simply because individuals can be incredibly individual about their cars, and car or truck seats get soiled! 😛

The upside to selecting a leather cleaner designed for autos or leather-based goods in general, is that it’s more reasonably priced than utilizing 1 marketed for bags. People ordinarily appear in smaller portions and at larger rates. In my expertise, it’s additional or considerably less the same point.

The excellent thing about the Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Cleaner is that it can also be made use of on non-leather components as well, like pvc or coated canvas, but not nubuck or suede. I enjoy working with it to thoroughly clean the canvas on Louis Vuitton coated canvas. It receives dust out, and it’s Alright even if it receives on the leather elements, mainly because it is made for leather immediately after all!

I really don’t advise spraying it straight on the bag, as it can get almost everywhere. So spritz some product or service on a clear microfibre cloth, and get the job done it into your bag. I use it on vachetta leather much too, and it aids to take out (or lighten) some marks and stains, and retain it clean up. Do notice that it may lead to the vachetta leather-based to darken a small, but I appreciate leather-based with a patina, so I’m wonderful with it.

The moment it dries, it typically lightens again up. It’s a great overall bag cleaner. I do propose location tests initially right before utilizing it all around your bag. Just choose an inconspicuous place and wipe it above with the cleaner. If it does not depart a mark or stain, you’re excellent to go.

Dish cleaning soap and heat drinking water

If you have a stain to offer with, or an uncoated canvas bag with leather trim that you simply cannot (or really don’t want to) toss into a tub of water, you can also use dish soap diluted in some warm h2o. Wet a piece of cleanse microfibre fabric in it, squeeze dry, and rub it more than the body of the bag to thoroughly clean.

You can also use this with coated canvas baggage, or even leather baggage. Just dampen a piece of delicate cloth with the soapy blend, and do the job swiftly prior to it absorbs.

As often, location check right before proceeding to clean up the full system of the bag. I’m pretty brave (or reckless, based on how you look at it 😛 ) when doing work with my have luggage, so I’m constantly experimenting 😛

Dunking the entire bag in soapy drinking water

Experience brave? If you have uncoated canvas luggage or nylon bags (e.g. Longchamp le Pliage) that are a little filthy, or unlined leather baggage (e.g. Coach legacy bags) and are feeling courageous, you can cleanse it pretty very easily and immediately by dunking it in a tub of soapy h2o (a squirt of dish cleaning soap and water). It will get the grime out from crevices, and offers it a deep clear.

For leather bags, clear away it after rinsing, and stuff the entire body with towels to manage its form as it dries. For nylon luggage with leather trim, I use a towel to dry as a great deal of the trim as achievable, and then lay flat above a drying rack with good circulation previously mentioned and below, to dry.

Do not dry in the sunshine, just in a amazing, airy place. It might get a couple times. Just be absolutely sure to preserve altering out the towels and to reshape your leather baggage even though it is moist so it retains its form.

Once it’s fully dry, for leather bags or leather trim, you can condition with a leather conditioner to restore moisture and lustre. Accomplished appropriately, you’d have a bag that is as superior as new! 🙂

With my complete nylon luggage e.g. LeSportsac, or backpacks, I typically just throw them in the washing device on a gentle cycle. Generally arrives out on the lookout brand name new 🙂

Metallic cleaner – Brasso or related

Many preloved luggage generally get there with tarnished or boring metallic pieces thanks to oxidization and publicity. With previous patterns, you may locate that the metallic grommets or buckles search darkish and dull and dirty. You really don’t have to have to send it to a bag spa to get it all polished up and wanting fairly!

All you will need is a steel cleaner, some cotton buds and some cotton pads or cleanse microfibre cloth. Oh, and a little persistence and elbow grease 😀

I needed to get Brasso metal cleaner, but there was not stock when I was looking so I finished up with this tube of metal cleaner that was bought from a random hardware store, meant for car treatment. It was not far too costly and you only will need a very small little bit every time.

I suggest utilizing cotton buds when performing with metallic cleaner, simply because you are normally cleansing extremely little locations and surfaces. You really don’t want to get the steel cleaner on your leather, just in case you stain or damage it.

Place a minimal product on the tip of your cotton bud and implement it to the metallic bits like grommets, buckles, any hardware, zips. The vital is to rub it in and wipe off. Repeat until finally your cotton bud does not carry off anymore oxidation. It will acquire a though. Function in smaller parts at a time, and it’s significantly a lot more gratifying viewing the metallic occur back again to everyday living.

For larger sized components like buckles or locks, I prefer to use a piece of microfibre fabric to get the perform accomplished extra promptly. Use a bit of product or service on it, spread it all-around, and use to the hardware, rubbing as challenging as you can. Really perform it in, and you will see it get started to shine. I cleaned up the lock of my 15 calendar year outdated Speedy this way, and it seems beautifully shiny now!

Cleaning up and sprucing the metallic hardware of your luggage will support them past for a longer period, and seem much better. In the circumstance of a preloved bag, it will make it look as great as new!

Leather-based conditioner – Collonil Leather-based Gel & Fragile Product

At the time my baggage are dried soon after working with a leather-based cleaner and right after cleansing the metallic, I function in a leather-based conditioner into all my leather bags, or baggage with leather-based trim.

Just like our pores and skin requirements oil and dampness, leather-based does as well. A very good leather conditioner will keep the leather supple and reduce it from cracking, and retain it wanting shiny and healthier.

I not long ago picked up the Collonil Leather Gel and Collonil Sensitive Product. Collonil is a brand name that is qualified mainly at shoe care. To me, as long as it works for leather, it’ll perform for my baggage. Moreover, if it can issue and cleanse leather-based shoes, it can do the similar for my baggage!

I use the Collonil Fragile Product specially on leather-based that is dry, for instance an outdated vachetta leather-based bag strap. For quite dry leather-based, I acquire a little product and perform it into the leather with my hands, permitting it soak up and dry. Occasionally, if the leather-based is incredibly dry, you may possibly want to do this a several situations, right before it gets to be pliable and supple again. For upkeep, I’d set a tiny product or service on a piece of clear microfibre fabric and rub it into the leather-based to issue.

Suggestion: If the leather-based is dry, problem it to start with till it is moisturised and supple before cleaning. Cleaning dry leather can problems it even more

I located that the Collonil Fragile Product conditions leather perfectly, but doesn’t definitely do significantly to cleanse the leather-based, so you have to use a leather cleaner individually. The Collonil Leather Gel on the other hand can serve double responsibility as a cleaner and conditioner. It even provides a light water-resistant layer above your leather-based.

I individually choose applying a independent merchandise to clean and affliction, but it is useful to know that the Collonil Leather Gel can serve double responsibility for a fast clean up. I analyzed it on some dust, and it acquired most of it off, but I experienced to perform in the Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Cleaner to properly clean up it. So, floor and light-weight dust are good, but absolutely nothing too ingrained.

I have uncovered that if the leather is extremely dry or has been neglected for a very long time, performing in a leather-based conditioner periodically helps to revive and restore the leather-based to make it additional supple and to restore its lustre. It will consider a couple days of conditioning, but it will shell out off. I enjoy observing leather-based appear back again to existence this way 🙂

If you like, you can wait until it is all absorbed and dry, and then buff your clean leathers with a dry microfibre cloth. It will include a soft glow to your luggage, and make them look all wonderful and new all over again!

And for me, which is about it when I’m operating with leather bags 🙂

I not long ago purchased a preloved Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo bag. The foundation is vachetta leather-based, and it arrived with some marks and stains, which I was absolutely mindful of. I acquired this for a steal, so I wasn’t way too fussed, as (a) I do not brain vachetta leather with a patina and marks, and (b) I reckoned I could cleanse the worst of it out 🙂

This is the in advance of and soon after of the base.

The overall body of the bag and the straps ended up in really superior affliction, virtually new in actuality! Supple and clean up, which was a awesome shock. I got this for extra than 50 % its inquiring rate, so I’m genuinely delighted about it 😀

I went about it very first with a soaked wipe to select up any debris. Then, I worked in the Turtle Wax Luxe Leather Cleaner all more than the canvas body and leather-based trim, functioning it all in with a piece of microfibre fabric. I use the leather cleaner to take away as a lot ingrained dirt as I can, and to try to even out the colour as substantially as possible in particular on the vachetta foundation.

Suggestion: Use a white or non-dyed fabric to reduce the threat of colour transfer from your fabric to your bag

Once dry, I worked in the Collonil Leather-based Gel to ailment the leather. I was generous and worked it in, allowing it rest and absorb the merchandise. The moment dry, I give it a very little buff with a piece of dry, clean up microfibre cloth.

As you can see, the marks are nevertheless there, but noticeably lightened. The colour seems to be far more even overall, and I’m content with it. I assume that I will mark it myself the moment I use it, so I’m not fussed about it 🙂

My bag smells

From time to time, when you purchase a preloved bag, you may possibly obtain just one that smells from storage. Ordinarily, this would be talked about in the description, and I generally just take observe of it. Occasionally, it could be a bargaining stage to get the value decreased more.

I have acquired just one that smelled a small powerful from storage. It was a tiny musty, and the smell lingered as the inside of of the bag was lined with cotton canvas.

Here’s how I dealt with it:

  • Clear out the internal lining – At times, the smell could linger due to the fact of the lining of the bag. I have located that cleansing out the inner lining can help a whole lot. If you are brave, invert the lining, and rub in some fabric cleaner or soap and water, wipe to rinse and go away to dry. A spritz of cloth deodorizer can support much too.
  • Air it out – I 1st clean up it up properly and comprehensively within and out, and then dangle it up in a interesting, airy location to air out. For me, this is in my sheltered yard area. I just dangle it there for a couple of times, and it’s usually fantastic right after a several times.
  • Charcoal pouches – You can get charcoal pouches on the internet, that you can insert into your bag to take in smells. It is typically quite helpful. I’ve never experimented with it for luggage, but have tried it for sneakers, and it does get rid of any uncomfortable odours.

I do draw the line at just about anything that smells of cigarette smoke, as experience tells me that the odor sticks really steadfastly to products. I imagine it is to do with the burnt particles, and the only way you can get rid of it is by washing it. Perhaps, if you do a quite comprehensive clear, you can clear away most of the smells, but I really do not generally take my chances.

My bag has mould

I shared some tips on how I dealt with a bag with mould, in the past.

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Typically speaking nevertheless, I do are inclined to prevent paying for a bag that has mould or had mould on it. I really do not want to have to offer with any latent mould spores, and a chance of it returning, or impacting my other bags.

If you have knowledgeable any mould on your baggage, be absolutely sure to thoroughly cleanse the region wherever your luggage are saved, and place silica gel or a dehumidifier in the space to cut down moisture and damp.

So this is how I clean and choose care of my luggage myself. I haven’t yet taken my luggage to a bag spa, as none of them warrant a treatment method or restore so extreme I just can’t tackle it myself. It is also excellent apply to routinely air and clean your luggage, because leather can dry out in our humid climate, and the oils and dust from our arms and surroundings can have an impact on them.

Do you cleanse your purses your self, or do you favor sending to a bag spa?

If you haven’t carried out so, here’s your reminder to take inventory of your bag and give it a excellent clean. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious designer bag to be cared for. Any great high-quality leather bag will final you years, and search very good, with the suitable care 🙂

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