By Jim Lewis, CEO Enhanced Retail Answers LLC

Folks appreciate dashboards. But except if it is actionable or telling them a thing they really don’t know, they get dull rapid. A fantastic dashboard ought to give insights that would normally go unnoticed. An even far better dashboard is a single that provides one thing that is precisely actionable.

Precisely actionable indicates it ought to direct the user to an possibility or legal responsibility that can be acted on. In our environment that indicates pointing out merchandise and outlets that are offered out, things with far too much inventory, a change in dimensions or shade, and so forth. It is much more than just filtering. It ought to be wise. For example, it doesn’t need to display you products that are offering out immediately if they are marked down.


The facts introduced in a dashboard really should mirror the reader’s part. For example, sales executives frequently want to look at factors at a large stage with comparative details (TY v. LY, etc.). Planners demand more depth- some thing that prioritizes troubles or possibilities and offers them responses in 1 or 2 clicks. In general, a properly-manufactured dashboard must incorporate a equilibrium of visualizations, simply digestible KPI’s and brief sights of focused information. It could include:

  • The Condition of the company over distinct time durations. The core KPI’s and comparisons.
  • Visualization of inventory and revenue ratios. Really should be drillable into departments, courses or whichever hierarchy is used.
  • Interactive cards. This is the actionable spot. Rank the options and liabilities and have a website link to a template or facts feed with calculations on it for uncomplicated implementation. For example, for bought out goods, click on on the product and get an allocation, pre-calculated by the system.
POS Sales and Inventory Dashboard

A excellent dashboard ought to be actionable.

We’ve Bought the Electrical power (BI)

There are numerous superior visualization tools on the market place to create dashboards. The vital is possessing the abilities to know what to place in it, and how to join and extract facts at the numerous degrees essential. In numerous circumstances we tailor made design and style dashboards from scratch since it features the final degree of customization. For nearly anything else we use Microsoft’s Electric power BI. It’s flexible and if you have a good understanding of programming in Office (VBA) you will come to feel proper at household.


Regardless of the system you select, a dashboard is ineffective without information. We integrate POS revenue and stock, preferably at retailer amount. For very substantial information sets, you can compact store level information into a summary look at. You can also combine other data sets these types of as a supplier’s wholesale inventory (from ERP) or tables that contains promotions or seasonality.

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