July 19, 2024

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Helen Janneson Bense: WA’s Wildflower Wilderness

Helen Janneson Bense: WA’s Wildflower Wilderness

PhotographyHelen Janneson Bense | Alexandra Casey | Sarah Went Solo | Marco Kraus

EditingHelen Janneson Bense

Locations – Pinnacles, Coalseam Conservation Park, Kalbarri – Australia’s Coral Coast

Mellenbye Station Stay , Widimia trail (Morawa), Wongan Hills, Mt O’Brien, Petrudor Rocks, Dalwallinu – Australia’s Golden Outback

Wongamine Reserve, Coorinja Winery (Toodyay), Barton park events, Laurelville Manor, Mount Brown (York) – Destination Perth

Outfits – Spell Madame Peacock Gown + Butterfly Gown | Fortunate One Land and Sky Dress + What I do Midi Dress | Vintage Spell

Accessories – Wandering Folk Grande Fleur Rug | Picnic basket | Primrose Margarita Glasses

Now is the absolute perfect time to get out there and experience these biodiversity hot spots with over 12,000 wildflowers species right here in Western Australia. I’ve prepared an itinerary here for you, but as always follow your joy and discover for yourself the wonder of the journey through wildflower country.

Set aside 1 week if you can to fully experience the beauty of this season. Otherwise a weekend or even a day trip from Perth to the Avon valley is very achievable.

Day 1 – My wildflower trip started north from Perth with a stop at the Pinnacles for sunrise. If you don’t mind waking up early, the sunrise over these ancient limestone structures will be worth it. From here stop at Dongara and tour with the amazing New Leaf Connect. They are experts and will know exactly where to take you to see carpets of wildflowers through Depot Hill and Coalseam Conservation park. They also set up a beautiful and delicious picnic to enjoy among the wildflowers.

Next up drive a couple of hours further north to one of my all time favourite spots, Kalbarri. Stay 2 nights at Kalbarri Edge Resort which is an easy, comfortable and affordable stay. They have a great restaurant on site and can accommodate for dietary needs.

Day 2 – Visit the Natural bridge to look for whales and hike the Bigurda trail as you’ll spot lots of wildflowers and hopefully Bigurdas (kangaroos) and whales along these majestic coastal cliffs. Book a tour with D’GUY Charters and you’ll get the best wildflower and historical knowledge as you experience the beauty of the national parks. Hot spot trails are Natures Window and Z bend. Guy’s star gazing tour at the skywalk is a must! Wine and dine under the clearest night sky. You’ll be mesmerised.

Day 3 – Head east into the golden outback to Mellenbye in Yalgoo. Make sure to stop along the way for photos and lunch at Mullewa Wildflower Cafe. Mellenbye has some lovely accommodation options and you’ll get to see the rare WA Lechenaultia macrantha wreath flowers right on the property. You’ll also find wreath flowers around Pindar along the Beringarra – Pindar Road. Mellenbye is a beautiful stay and if you have time I’d book more than 1 night. They have a beautiful dinner space with magical lighting and karaoke and they even have a monster truck on the property! It’s the best spot for big sky country vibes and star gazing, and if you’re into Astrophotography then this is your place.

Day 4 – Venture south to Morawa and take a wildflower walk along the Widimia trail. You’ll spot yellow and white pom poms, pink everlastings, and rare orchids. For lunch stop at The Wheatbean Cafe in Perenjori and enjoy some of the wildflower walks in the area. There’s a cute community garden in town with beautiful murals. I stayed 1 night at The Old Convent Dalwallinu Guest House which is a beautiful spot to wake up for a sunrise walk and spot local wildflowers. Check in and then head off for a sunset picnic at Petrudor rocks.

Day 5 – Just under an hour head south to Wongan hills to the Mt O’Brien lookout where you’ll get beautiful views of the canola fields. Right in town there is a wildflower walking trail for rare orchid spotting and a beautiful pink everlasting field. Keep heading south to the Avon Valley to Toodyay and enjoy lunch at the famous Toodyay bakery. They have the best vegan pies I’ve ever tasted. And make sure to check out the Christmas shop. It’s the biggest I’ve seen and out of this world. I stayed 1 night at the beautiful Victoria Hotel that overlooks the Avon river. It’s so peaceful, comfortable and picturesque. For wildflowers in Toodyay visit Wongamine nature reserve. It was historically used as a watering/stopping place and for gravel extraction and now it’s a conservation reserve. It’s a beautiful and vibrant walk and will be popping with even more colour and flowers right now.

For local wine tasting and lovely sunset views overlooking the brook plan a visit to Coorinja winery. It was established in the 1870’s and is one of the oldest wineries in the state. You’ll be able to see the historic Ringa bridge here.

Day 6 – Only 30 min from Toodyay is Northam. You can take a hot air balloon here at sunrise overlooking the canola fields and there’s a wonderful Noongar cultural and environmental knowledge centre Bilya Koort Boodja where you can learn more about history and country. Another 30min on and you’ll be in York, the quintessential country experience. Stay a night (or more if you have time) at Laurelville Manor a historical Edwardian style homestead with the best breakfast and welcome platter I’ve experienced in WA. This is only 1.5 hours from Perth and well worth a visit for the weekend. I’m still dreaming of a mid week retreat stay here. It’s absolutely spectacular. If you’re an early riser like me take the opportunity to walk to the top of the property for sunrise views overlooking the valley. The way the light hits the morning fog is breathtaking.

If you’re planning a special event, wedding, birthday etc then you must check out Barton Park Events. They have a purpose planted pink everlasting field perfect for those spring wedding photos. It’s a beautiful rural space with a dreamy, bohemian vibe. I enjoyed a beautiful day here with lunch supplied by Gather York. It was the best vegan platter I’ve ever had in Perth!

In York you can visit the beautiful canola fields in full bloom right now. Head to PetTeet Park for those dreamy photo ops with all that iridescent yellow. Please note it is illegal to photograph in roadside canola fields and it contaminates the crop causing years of issues for farmers and a loss of $$ and livelihood. There are also snakes so best to stick to places where it is allowed. If you want to take photos in canola fields you must ask permission from the farmers first or visit places like Petteet park.

While in York check out the community bushland gardens. A lovely spot created for the people, the environment and animals.

For sunset you can’t go past Mount Brown. This is the spot for epic views overlooking the valley. I was lucky enough to hear some Noongar stories from local Elders while the sunset filled the entire sky with colour.

It’s been so wonderful to experience the beauty of wildflowers but please do be careful and not step on them or pick them. Enjoy them and tread lightly. For photography aim your camera low to the ground. For your subject, have them on the opposite side of the trail and not amongst the flowers. It looks better like this and it protects the flowers.

If you have any questions or would like help planning your own WA wildflower adventure let me know. Always happy to help.

With love and gratitude,

Helen xx