July 19, 2024

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Sensitive Skin Without the Compromise

*This episode is in partnership with Avon*

In this episode I’m exploring the frustration that so many of of us with sensitive skin face when choosing our skincare. So often we long for the actives that will give us luminous, healthy skin but have to steer clear in case they worsen our sensitivity.

Avon have come out with the most amazing new product that can not only help soothe sensitivity but can also give us many of the benefits of some of the most sought after actives (think

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During the episode I speak to the brilliant Zoe Hyde who is Avon UK’s skincare category manager. We have a great chat about sensitive skin and why it’s so important that we should all have access to great ingredients. I also chat to Anthony Gonzalez. He’s been innovating and developing products at Avon for over 20 years and we get into the nitty gritty of their Anew Sensitive Plus Dual Collagen Cream and what makes it such a game changer for sensitive skin.

Later on I have a brilliant talk with Karen who is an Avon rep and Helen, her customer and friend. They both suffer with sensitivity and talk candidly about their skin and their own experience with the cream. And finally it’s the turn of the Outspoken Beauty Panellists, 100 of whom have trialled Anew Sensitive Plus. We hear their no holds barred reviews.

This is such a good episode with a brand that I respect for many reasons. (They support women, are innovative and often leaders in the skincare field and are accessible to us all). I loved talking through the science and innovation behind their skincare and also exploring the frustrations that so many of us with sensitive skin face.