Is there an eyeshadow color that scares you. For me that is all colors except for neutrals. I love colored eyeshadow on everyone else but I am a little apprehensive about wearing some color on my lids. Every time I do wear colorful eyeshadow, I still wear it sparingly. When I saw the Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette, I loved it. But since it has so many green eyeshadows I did not buy it for the longest time. But then I could not resist any more and decided to go out of my comfort zone. So I bought it.

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette
Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

The Sephora website says this is β€œAn eyeshadow palette that combines greens, pinks, and neutral nudes with a variety of finishes, in a collection of all-new shades.”

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

Packaging Of The Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

I think, the packaging of the retro glam palette is beautiful. The outer plastic container has shades of mint green and peach. Also the name of the palette is written on the front of the palette. Moreover, just like most Natasha Denona palettes, this one also has holes to push out the eyeshadow pans and arrange them however you want.

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette
Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

Formula Of The Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

This palette is free of parabens and mineral oil. It is also gluten-free and cruelty-free.

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette
Picture taken in sunlight

Shades Of The Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

  • Jazzy 454M (metallic dark-cool brown),
  • Oscar 455M (metallic light-medium vintage champagne),
  • Evergreen 456CP (matte cream powder medium-dark sage green),
  • Marlin 457M (metallic light-medium sage green),
  • Maxi 458M (metallic medium-dark warm taupe),
  • Sage 459CM (matte medium sage green),
  • Holly 460CM (matte light-neutral rose),
  • Fringe 461C (matte pastel sage green),
  • Fay 462CM (matte medium muted clay),
  • Flutter 463K (sparkling light-champagne pink),
  • Lucy 464CM (matte light limestone),
  • Palladian 465M (metallic pastel sage green),
  • Belle 466CM (matte medium dusty rose),
  • Oz 467M (metallic medium-dark muted forest green)
Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette
Swatches in sunlight
Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette
Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette Swatches

My Experience

Green is a color I think looks amazing on other people. I’m not sure how I feel about it on my eyes though. Still, I am happy I went out of my comfort zone and purchased this palette. The greens in this palette make it unique to me. All the shades swatched beautifully. The shades blended easily too. But some of the shades are not pigmented. The Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette has a few neutral toned shade thrown in with the greens and pinks, so you can get many different looks.

There is some kickback from the matte shades. Also I did not experience any significant fallout from the shimmer shades. I had to go over the pink tones shades multiple times to get them to show up on my pigmented eyelids. However, the green shades were easier to build up.

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette

One thing I felt was that few of the shades are very similar. Like for example the two darker browns Jazzy and Maxi look very similar on my eyes. The shades Sage and Fringe are also very similar on my pigmented lids. Same with Holly and Belle.

I just dip my toes into colored eyeshadow. Since I am always afraid to use color, I think, I like this palette. But those of you who are not afraid of colors, might be a bit disappointed. I could build up the intensity slowly, since some of the shades do not pack a punch. So I was not afraid of making mistakes or the looks being too intense. I hope that makes sense.

I like the Retro Glam palette because I could create subtle looks with a pop of color here and there. Also as someone afraid to wear green eye shadow, I confidently wore it to work a couple of times in the past few weeks, and even got some compliments!


  • Unique color story
  • Gluten-free and cruelty-free
  • Perfect for someone who wants to just dabble into colored eyeshadows


  • Not all the shades are pigmented
  • Some shades are very similar on the lids

Where To Buy

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Palette – $69

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