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Take Your Daytime Makeup Routine To A Glam Evening Look

Take Your Daytime Makeup Routine To A Glam Evening Look

How To: Take Your Daytime Makeup Routine To A Glam Evening Look

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Have you ever had a day booked so back to back that you woke up wondering how you’re going to navigate your day look into the evening? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on quickly transforming your daytime makeup look into nighttime glam.

Morning Makeup Routine:

  • Start by applying primer to your entire face.
    There are so many different primers on the market, each formulated for specific skin concerns. Choosing the right primer is the key to ensuring your makeup performs as it should and lasts like you want.
  • Apply a quick sweep of a light eyeshadow.
    For a daytime makeup look, it’s often best to start with a lighter shade because as the day wears on, darker pigments tend to fall under the eyes, leaving a tired look.
  • Apply your favorite foundation and/or concealer
    Foundation is often mistakenly applied before the shadow, but applying shadow first gives you a chance to clean up any pigment fallen from the eyes before it gets trapped and mixed in with your foundation. 
  • Apply your favorite brow-shaping product. Use upward, deliberate strokes to fluff your brows for a fuller look. 
    It is said that the eyebrows frame the face, so after adding some defining pigment and accentuating the shape of your brows, you are now ready to make sure your eye makeup is how you would like and make minor touch-ups.
  • Apply your first coat of mascara.
     Palladio’s Lash Obsessed Mascara is an industry favorite for its ability to stay put all day long. 
  • Apply your favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks. 
    You can also apply a bit of highlighter for a glowy daytime look. Highlighter should be applied to areas where sunlight naturally hits the face – the highpoint of the cheeks, bridge of the nose, inner eye area, and cupid’s bow. 
  • Apply your second coat of mascara.
  • Fill in your lips with your favorite lipstick. For a super precise application, use a detail lip brush.
    Daytime is the perfect time to use a fun pop of color on your lips, as your eye makeup will be a bit less dramatic. Have some fun with a coral or bright pink
  • Finish your morning routine with a spritz of setting spray to make sure your makeup stays put all day long. 
    Transform Your Morning Makeup Into A Nighttime Glam Look
  • Reactivate your products with a fresh mist of setting spray. 
  • Begin your eye makeup transformation by introducing darker tones. Start at the outer corners of your eyes and blend, using lighter colors on the inside corners of the eyes.
    Don’t be afraid to explore different pigments. An emerald green or violet transfers to a signature look that remains timeless and elegant.
    Darker browns and neutrals are a great option if you are still getting to know your makeup preferences or just don’t love extremely bold colors.
  • Using a small shadow brush, tie the bolder colors into your lower lash line. Or, if eyeliner is more your style, now’s the time to apply it
  • Complete your evening eye makeup with one or two coats of mascara. Then, lightly brush excess products off with a dry mascara wand.
  • Use a Q-tip to clean up any stray product that has fallen.
    You can use a tiny drop of a light moisturizer if you don’t want to tug on the under-eye skin. 
  • Touch up your foundation as needed.
  • Freshen up the apples of your cheeks with blush. 
  • Finish your look with your favorite lipstick. 
    From a nice neutral to a vampy red, switching up your brighter daytime color will update your look from the daytime, and freshen up your lipstick application. 
    Don’t be afraid to layer shades of color on your lips (or eyes). You will be surprised how the pigments melt into each other, creating the signature look that you find suits your skin tone. 
  • Mist one final spritz of setting spray onto your face and enjoy your evening out!

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